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Success Blossoms Entrepreneur Lisa Rayne makes Top 10 in the

Well the race is over but Harlequin’s interest still lives on.  Success Blossoms would like to congratulate one of our entrepreneurs, author Lisa Rayne, for not only writing a book and finishing it, but in doing such a superb job that it gained her a Top 10 World Finalist spot in the “So You Think You Can Write” Global contest sponsored by Harlequin.  There were over 650 submissions.  Making the top 10 was an outstanding accomplishment.  Especially being that the editors held the control of picking the top 10.  The top 3 spots went to authors that were voted on by the public.  And with American authors splitting the votes, Australia came in first place with the most public votes going to first place winner:  Tanya Wright for If Only.  That’s Success Blossoms evaluation of it, and we’re sticking to it… lol.

That being said, We want to also congratulate author Lisa Rayne for keeping the interest of the editors even after the contest was completed.  Harlequin wants her to resubmit with the edits they noted in hopes of getting published.  This is an outstanding accomplishment and opportunity proving that when the editors choose you as a Top 10 World Finalist, you really can’t loose.  Read the entire “Counselor Undone” manuscript -Download the pdf now.

BONUS:  Meet author Lisa Rayne during the STCC Book Club teleconference meeting on Sat. Dec. 21st

Counselor Undone

by Lisa Rayne
Harlequin® Desire Submissions


Kansas City attorney Michael Remington doesn’t believe in love, but when a chance encounter at a masked ball leads to the most passionate kiss of his life with a complete stranger, he’s driven to find her. Unfortunately, the search for the sexy stranger leads to his ambitious new associate Jordis Morgan. Unaware of their previous connection and distrustful of supervising attorneys who expect more from her than billable hours, Jordis fights their explosive chemistry. Jordis’s determination to focus on partnership over romance eventually drives Michael to face the greatest adversarial challenge of his career—the one to win her heart.

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