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Minimum Wage

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The Entrepreneur’s Definition of a JOB

I had an extremely interesting conversation today with John Tomlinson of TNT Hypnosis.  John has owned many businesses throughout his career and at the age of 81 he is still involved in the entrepreneur game.  He currently helps people improve their lives by changing their mindset via self-hypnosis.  And more specifically helps entrepreneurs get past their stress, anxiety, and/or fears.  I’m convinced that he’s lived long enough to know what …Read More

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Seattle votes for $15 minimum wage

According to the BBC.com/News today, Seattle has voted to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.  Which will set a record for minimum wage standards throughout the United States.  This probes the question:  Will the small entrepreneur survive with minimum wage going up while their competitors continue to outsource to foreign countries with astronomically low paying wages?   There is no question that a person who works a full time …Read More

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To Raise the Minimum Wage…or Not? (VIDEO)

The great debate in America these days is focused on whether the minimum wage should be raised from $7.25 an hour to a federal minimum wage of $10.10 an hour.  As an entrepreneur, I’m torn.  I know raising the minimum wage is morally the right thing to do.  But as an entrepreneur, I also know the added struggle raising the minimum wage will put on my business. Those who do …Read More