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5 Step Guide for Posting a WordPress Blog?

Quick & Easy Guide for How to Post to a WordPress Blog Beginning: your WordPress Blog To begin blogging, Login to your WordPress website and select the Add New button under posts.  Aand in case you’ve forgotten how to login:  yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin   Step 1: Once there, You’ll give your blog article a Title. Then type what you’d like to say in the content box provided. For beginners, I recommend making …Read More

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The future of WordPress help for entrepreneurs + ecommerce

Today, I ran across an article that spoke about the internet platform WordPress as it has now reached its 10 year mark.  The article spoke about marketing differences between competitors such as Squarespace and Wix as well as the international versus domestic game of business. How WordPress help will continue to be an asset to entrepreneurs: Most notably it spoke about WordPress’ new acquire of WooCommerce and how it will …Read More

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Business Ethics and the Death of Yours, The Entrepreneur

So you got a great deal on a cheap shirt – Do you know what other’s in the world had to endure for you to get ANOTHER shirt that in 2 months you’ll probably throw on the floor and never think about again because you’ve found another great deal on the horizon? In business, entrepreneurs will often come across situations that question their ethics against their bottom line. It seems …Read More

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Website Design Checklists

I ran across this great checklist for those wanting to upgrade or build a new website design by Jennifer Kyrin, a Web Design Expert.  The article begins  with . . . “It has become true that if you’re in business you need a website. And yet many small businesses are reluctant to get online because of the time or expense they believe is required. This list of requirements will help …Read More

How to Edit a WordPress Page (Fusion Page Builder)

Quick & Easy Guide for How to Edit a WordPress Page So you have a new WordPress website and now you want to edit the content on the page.  Here you’ll find a quick guide to editing content on a wordpress page that uses the Fusion Page Builder.   1.  Once you’ve logged into your WordPress Dashboard – Click Pages …and in case you’ve forgotten how to login:  yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin   …Read More