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HOT TOPIC: Do You Like the Twitter New Look?


Well, if you’re not a big fan of anyone “moving your cheese”, then you’re not gonna like this Twitter New Look… lol.  This April the Twitter new look started rolling out to various user profiles.  If you haven’t been included yet, your turn is a’comin.

It resembles facebook profile cover pages but in an even bigger in your face way… whoa!  Your Graphic Designer will probably have to go in and make some adjustments to your profile images so they are not so in your face big or then again…. maybe not; [See the STCC Twitter new look below].  It fell into the rollover and the images that were inside the old profile look, got automatically adjusted; did not fit well and STCC had to upload a new cover page.

Graphic Design Tip for the new look of Twitter:  For a beautiful Twitter layout, make sure your twitter profile page follows the suggested size requirements – Profile image suggested size is 400 x 400 and the Cover Profile image size is 1500 x 1500.

Twitter Gives a New Look to User Profiles

When compared to the old look of Twitter – [See Below].  I think business makers are actually going to adjust to the Twitter new look in a seamless way.  I think they’ll appreciate the large Cover profile area to promote their specials and their brand.  What I like most about the Twitter new look is the size of the last tweet or featured tweet.  It stands out in bigger font than any previous tweets and says, “Hey … Right here… Look at me!”  And did I mention the option to pin a tweet to the top.

Old Look of Twitter:
Twitter Gives a New Look to User Profiles

The Twitter new look only applies to the desktop versions for now.  I’m curious to know more about how everyone feels about the new look as well.  So what do you think about the Twitter new look?  Leave a comment below:   Two thumbs up…. or  Two thumbs down?

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One Response to "HOT TOPIC: Do You Like the Twitter New Look?"

  • Lisa Rayne
    April 22, 2014 - 11:33 pm Reply

    Thanks for the heads up, Karol! I hadn’t realized this was coming. Your design tip about maximizing images is very useful. I’m going to check mine now.

    I personally like that the new look allows you to see key features more quickly with the left and right sidebar format. Before, you had to scroll down a long way to see the “Who To Follow” suggestions or “Trending” boxes.

    I guess I’m alright (this time) that they moved my cheese. ;-)

    http://www.twitter.com/authorrayne (@AuthorRayne)

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