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The Entrepreneur’s Definition of a JOB

The Entrepreneurs definition of a Job

I had an extremely interesting conversation today with John Tomlinson of TNT Hypnosis.  John has owned many businesses throughout his career and at the age of 81 he is still involved in the entrepreneur game.  He currently helps people improve their lives by changing their mindset via self-hypnosis.  And more specifically helps entrepreneurs get past their stress, anxiety, and/or fears.  I’m convinced that he’s lived long enough to know what he’s talking about.

He even says that you can train your mind to create abundance.  Additionally, he validated that we as entrepreneurs must develop strong networks with each other to promote each others businesses and to take advantage of marketing partnerships by purposely forming them ourselves.

The most interesting phrase I learned from John was the definition of JOB:  Just Over Broke!

True entrepreneurs know that their is a different mindset between themselves and the regular eight-to-fiver who’s just happy enough getting a paycheck given to them for just showing up… whether they’re productive at work or not, the eight-to-fiver usually knows that his check will land on Friday.

But, the entrepreneur knows better.  The entrepreneur knows that the eight-to-fiver is never in control; that maybe that check lands on Friday or after layoffs . . . maybe not.  The entrepreneur does not fall victim to that false since of security; he hasn’t hypnotized himself into believing that he is secure in what is given to him for he knows that he whom “giveth” can “taketh” away.  The entrepreneur instead opts for creating his own security by charting out his own journey.

The start-up entrepreneur is often a victim of all the negative comments from their families yelling at them to get a good steady job.  And in most respects, endures comments of disrespect and judgement.   That is until they make it big, their company starts not only turning a profit, but a big revenue.  Then those same people who negatively judged the entrepreneurs choice in the beginning of their journey, all of a sudden become the person bragging that they know him or her.  Some even claim to have helped him or her get where they are.  It’s comical really.

In short, the entrepreneur is putting all of his chips in and saying let it ride, and gambling on earning a lifestyle that will far exceed any that a job would have earned while the eight-to-fiver is content with being “Just Over Broke”.  With great rewards often comes great responsibility.

If you want to learn more about hypnosis and how to train your mind for abundance, weight control, to stop smoking, or to  get rid of stress, anxiety, and any fears that are holding you back from executing your entrepreneurial path, contact Dr. Norma and John Tomlinson of TNT Hypnosis at (323) 487-2696 or info@tnthypnosis.com.

All the best for creating the life you want to have,
Karol of Success Blossoms

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