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Success Blossoms: What actually happens in the Entrepreneur THINK TANK?

Entrepreneur Think Tanks with Success Blossoms for small business

The February 12th think tank brought out some heavy hitters this month!

I always find that we get tons of rsvp’s and a handful of those who actually show up.  I can usually tell who’s really serious about their business by those who either 1: show up and/or 2: those who decline the rsvp.  Those who take the time to decline the rsvp, are showing responsibility and this is probably a value they bring into their business.  Those who actually show up, have already proven the importance of working their business.  And those who rsvp but don’t show up (deep sigh), well . . . this in-limbo act is probably an aspect that they’re carrying into their business; which means they really need to get down to the think tank where we can define some clear goals and accountability tactics to help them execute their entrepreneurial plan.  But can I tell you a secret, we love it when we have no shows,. . . it means that those who are truly focused and serious about there business are at the table.

Entrepreneurship is not about getting up and working yourself to the bone everyday.  It’s about strategic planning and foreseeing the future.  It’s like making your own blue print for your life.  You can decide that this is what you want, this is how your going to get it, and this is the timeframe in which you’ll get it done.  With strategic planning and clear concise goals, you’re the boss in more ways than one on how good or how bad your business will do.

This month in the Think Tank we focused on the goals for our first quarter in our businesses.  Which means, we set clear concise goals to be accomplished by the end of March.  Sure, you could say, I want to have 20 loyal clients by the end of the year but you’ll need to split that yearly goal into sections (i.e. quarters of the year) to make sure that you are on target to meet your goal by the end of December.  The last thing you want to do is look up in December and say, “Oh, well, didn’t get 20 clients. . . better luck next year.”  Because without strategically planning your goals, quarter by quarter and month by month, that’s just what you’re doing, leaving it up to Luck!

In this February 2014 Think Tank, we were honored to have:

Entrepreneur Dominique Hart attends Success Blossoms Think Tank
New York based Advertising Creative & Branding expert, Dominique Hart, who also serves as a business strategist that guides clients through the marketing and social media realm.

Entrepreneur Dominik Rausch attends Success Blossoms Think Tank
Content Creator expert, Dominik Rausch, who’s business “D for Consulting” also involves guiding strategic business planning for small businesses with a focus on online advertising and making money online.

Entrepreneur Nekisha-Michelle Bakre attends Success Blossoms Think Tank
Life Coach, Speaker, Host, & Matchmaker of “No Love Drama”, Nekisha-Michelle Bakre.  You can view Nekisha on her KTLA-5 TV Segment and also join her during the online seminar called “No Love Drama: How to Become the Successful CEO of Your Love Life” for which she will be featured on today (Feb.13).

Entrepreneur Ed Dixon attends the Success Blossoms Think Tank
The Hip, Savvy, and oh so Knowledgeable Life Insurance agent, Ed Dixon of “KingdomiProducts” who’s expertise is in genuinely caring for your family if not as much but even more when it comes to helping you take care of their needs.  Especially when it comes to being prepared to deal with any unforeseen emergency.

Entrepreneur karol Jarvis attends the Success Blossoms Think tank
Karol Jarvis of KE dancewear and co-founder of Success Blossoms whose expertise is in both fashion design with a focus on Ballroom Dress Rentals and graphic design.

Entrepreneur Bonita Thornton attends Success Blossoms Think Tank
Bonita Thornton founder of both STCC Book Club and Success Blossoms.  Bonita’s expertise is in people skills, strategic planning and personal engagement with the public.

And New Entrepreneur, Allen Austin, who’s created such a great name for his venture that it’s sure to become a movement in our society, so I don’t dare mention the name till he’s got everything in place.

We all walked away with a goal to accomplish for our 1st quarter, a task to accomplish it, and a strategic plan to implement it.  And Bonus:  A partner to hold us accountable for executing the tasks to get us to our goals.

Participating in the Think Tank is never a waste of time and limited to a small number of participants to make sure we have time to focus on each and every one of our businesses during the Think Tank session.  You never know who’ll you’ll meet at the Think Tank or what expert will be there to open up and give valuable advice.  There is nothing like being able to bounce ideas off other driven entrepreneurs who can bring an added aspect to your business that you may not have even thought of.  Two heads are better than one, but in this case Seven is even better.

See ya at the next Think Tank!

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