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What I learned as a Startup Entrepreneur

A Quick-tip guide for the Startup Entrepreneur Boy oh Boy, I cannot even wrap my head around it being November already.  What a year this has been.  As a startup entrepreneur, I thought I’d drop in and give some food for thought so that you can learn from my mistakes instead of having to make the mistakes on your own. The Startup Entrepreneur + Procrastination There is absolutely no room …Read More

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Website Design Checklists

I ran across this great checklist for those wanting to upgrade or build a new website design by Jennifer Kyrin, a Web Design Expert.  The article begins  with . . . “It has become true that if you’re in business you need a website. And yet many small businesses are reluctant to get online because of the time or expense they believe is required. This list of requirements will help …Read More

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Are you a Weekend Entrepreneur?

It’s Saturday morning and when most people are sleeping in or setting out to spend time out with family and friends, I find myself once again up at my computer working.  I remember recently being at a friends home for a birthday party thinking, ” I wish I was at home working.  I’m wasting so much time.  I could be getting so much done right now!”  And that prompted me …Read More

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The Entrepreneur’s Definition of a JOB

I had an extremely interesting conversation today with John Tomlinson of TNT Hypnosis.  John has owned many businesses throughout his career and at the age of 81 he is still involved in the entrepreneur game.  He currently helps people improve their lives by changing their mindset via self-hypnosis.  And more specifically helps entrepreneurs get past their stress, anxiety, and/or fears.  I’m convinced that he’s lived long enough to know what …Read More

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Seattle votes for $15 minimum wage

According to the BBC.com/News today, Seattle has voted to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.  Which will set a record for minimum wage standards throughout the United States.  This probes the question:  Will the small entrepreneur survive with minimum wage going up while their competitors continue to outsource to foreign countries with astronomically low paying wages?   There is no question that a person who works a full time …Read More

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#Girlboss – How Nasty Gal CEO went from nothing to $100 million

Book Launch:  #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso Sophia Amoruso is the founder and CEO of the fashion brand, Nasty Gal.  Her new book exemplifies her philosophy and know how that catapulted her from being a petty theft trash dumpster diver who started selling on eBay to being CEO of her own fashion house pulling in over $100 million dollars in retail sales with over 350 employees. This is a book for …Read More

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HOT TOPIC: Do You Like the Twitter New Look?

  Well, if you’re not a big fan of anyone “moving your cheese”, then you’re not gonna like this Twitter New Look… lol.  This April the Twitter new look started rolling out to various user profiles.  If you haven’t been included yet, your turn is a’comin. It resembles facebook profile cover pages but in an even bigger in your face way… whoa!  Your Graphic Designer will probably have to go …Read More

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  Today I set out to come up with a slogan for our Success Blossoms group that really truly exemplified what I and I suspect, many of you really want from an entrepreneur organization.  I thought okay, …I don’t really want a network that waste time socializing rather than getting down to business to help each other grow, per say, but I do want to make money by working for …Read More