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The Entrepreneur’s Definition of a JOB

I had an extremely interesting conversation today with John Tomlinson of TNT Hypnosis.  John has owned many businesses throughout his career and at the age of 81 he is still involved in the entrepreneur game.  He currently helps people improve their lives by changing their mindset via self-hypnosis.  And more specifically helps entrepreneurs get past their stress, anxiety, and/or fears.  I’m convinced that he’s lived long enough to know what …Read More

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HOT TOPIC: Do You Like the Twitter New Look?

  Well, if you’re not a big fan of anyone “moving your cheese”, then you’re not gonna like this Twitter New Look… lol.  This April the Twitter new look started rolling out to various user profiles.  If you haven’t been included yet, your turn is a’comin. It resembles facebook profile cover pages but in an even bigger in your face way… whoa!  Your Graphic Designer will probably have to go …Read More

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The 7th season of Style Fashion Week presented itself this month from March 9th through the 13th.  It took place downtown in Los Angeles at the LA LIVE Event Deck.  “Fashionistas, celebrities, VIPs and media from the United States and around the world were set to cover Style Fashion Week.  Style Fashion Week is the only one of its kind bringing together the top production and integrated marketing teams.” It …Read More

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Success Blossoms: What actually happens in the Entrepreneur THINK TANK?

The February 12th think tank brought out some heavy hitters this month! I always find that we get tons of rsvp’s and a handful of those who actually show up.  I can usually tell who’s really serious about their business by those who either 1: show up and/or 2: those who decline the rsvp.  Those who take the time to decline the rsvp, are showing responsibility and this is probably …Read More

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Networking Tip#101 – Shut It Up! (Network Form Included)

When networking, you have to realize that there are few moments when it’s okay to monopolize the space and talk only about you.  You may think that you have the best product or service around and you’re so excited that you just can’t stop talking about it, and I know this may seem totally opposite of what you’ve been taught in business but… shut up!  Because what we often don’t …Read More

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PLEASE VOTE FOR ONE OF OUR OWN MEMBERS WHO MADE THE TOP 10 IN THE HARLEQUIN WRITERS CONTEST Success Blossoms member, Lisa Rayne has crossed a mile stone in not only following her dreams of writing a book, but in actually finishing the book.  And it is such a good read.  I’ve read the entire book and I can hardly believe that I’m in the presence of her genius!  Please …Read More

Worksheets & Forms

Each month with your SB Entrepreneur Membership, you’ll receive an Entrepreneur Guided Worksheet geared to help you make important decisions for your business venture.  Worksheets will span the gamut from personal development as an entrepreneur to trademarks and intellectual property and more.  Worksheets are privileged information for Success Blossom members only. NETWORKING:  SpeedNtwkForm-SB / Detailed Introduction:  Networking Tip #101 – Shut It Up!

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Faith, Hope and Love Unlimited presents “The Faith Awards (Trusting and Believing in Yourself)” on Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 9am. The event is set to honor noted individuals who have made great strides in their careers. This is a great opportunity to put yourself in the company of others who have made outstanding career moves that have lead them to their success. The panel includes noted professionals including: Mikki …Read More


Success Blossoms continually strives to get DISCOUNT TICKETS for many entrepreneur city events. Discounts are privileged information for VIP members only.  Success Blossoms will announce any discounts via eblasts and will also keep a listing on the website for VIP member convenience. The Faith Awards: Saturday, December 19, 2013 Tickets are $100 for the general public and $75 for Success Blossoms.  SB Members receive $25 discount. DETAILS:   Make check payable …Read More

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Legal Shield Independent Associate, Mrs. Choon

Today’s Success Blossom member spotlight goes to Legal Shield Independent Associate, Mrs. Choon Start-up’s and Entrepreneurs often overlook the necessities of positioning themselves with insurance and legal services to protect themselves should something unfortunate happen.   That is where Mrs. Choon can help. As a Legal Services Broker, she is your resource person giving individuals, families, and small business owners total freedom and total access to Attorneys and Business Consultants for …Read More