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Difference between Self-Employed and Entrepreneurship


Today I set out to come up with a slogan for our Success Blossoms group that really truly exemplified what I and I suspect, many of you really want from an entrepreneur organization.  I thought okay, …I don’t really want a network that waste time socializing rather than getting down to business to help each other grow, per say, but I do want to make money by working for myself.  So after strangling my mind, and two aspirin, I finally came up with the perfect slogan for the Success Blossoms Entrepreneur Network:

“Helping Leaders Escape Employment and Land into Entrepreneurship.”

Once I wrote that down and read it allowed, I was like… “YES! … that’s what I really want!”  That’s why I get up everyday after having little sleep from the nights of working website maintenance, blog posts, financial balancing, product development, strategic marketing, social engagement, customer service, graphic design, let’s face it, I could go on and on about all the work and hats I carry as a startup entrepreneur.

And then that’s when it hit me.  I may be an entrepreneur but with all the hats I’m juggling, I’m still an employee, my own employee.  Which technically makes me self-employed.  And while that in itself, is an accomplishment for someone like me who wants the freedom to decide my own work day and not be at the mercy of stupid bosses who’ll never see or utilize my greatness.  That’s right, I said it.

While working for myself was what I wanted to do, it didn’t exactly make me work less, but in fact, work more.  So I came to realize, that if I want to be financially secure and not be an employee, then I have to stop doing everything myself.  In fact, I need to strategize a plan, not to work for myself, but a plan that filters my role out from self-employed to the ultimate entrepreneur.

I know exactly what you’re thinking, “Aren’t they the same?”  Well, no they’re not.  Some would say the transition from self-employed to entrepreneur lies in having the money to make things happen and in a sense their right; But it’s not the only way.  That’s why strategic planning for your business is important.  It takes creative planning to put all the pieces in place to run like an oiled machine.

So what’s the difference between Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship?

Self-Employed:  An individual who performs labor and sells their time spent physically working their own business from day-to-day as a freelancer or business owner instead of for an employer.

Entrepreneur: An individual who organizes and builds a business around a concept in such a way where the day-to-day task of the business operates with or without their physical presence.

Now it’s okay to leave your job for self-employment and work hard to sustain your own business rather than someone else’s.  After all, Success often Blossoms in stages.  But I’ve realized that after self-employment comes true entrepreneurship.

I want a business that will run and maintain the operations from day to day, whether I’m there or not.  If I walked out the door tomorrow and got run over by a bus or took an extended vacation, orders will still get shipped, invoices will still go out, deposits into the business account will still happen.  That’s what makes a business truly worthy.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey as I strategize all the pieces in my business while I master self-employment and execute my way into entrepreneurship.  Through networking, and taking many many many many entrepreneur workshops and webinars, I’ve learned that as a graphic designer, I’ve been able to share valuable knowledge with others to help their businesses grow.

Self-employment often comes with loneliness; we feel like no one could possible understand what we go through; I know!  And although I may be a struggler in this game of entrepreneurship right now, …I’m going to succeed because I’m crazy enough to think I can!  If you feel the same way as I do, then let’s network and build our empires together.

92% of people never accomplish their goals.  Do you want to be a part of the 8% who does or not?

Button-Yes or Button-No

Have a great week and remember that nothing happens without execution.  So what are you still reading this for?  Go, Go, Go get working on your destiny now and let’s check in with each other later.  Be sure to follow my blog so we can keep in touch, share in this journey, and grow our businesses together.

Success Blossoms Entrepreneur - Karol jarvis AUTHOR: Success Blossoms Entrepreneur Member: Karol
I’m a Graphic Design graduate and a Website Designer skilled in WordPress Implementation, Customization, & Administration.  My business include SB Web Support where I provide website design services.  Plus I’m also co-owner of a Ballroom Dance Rental Website known as KEdancewear.com.  Helping entrepreneurs succeed is my passion.  I can be contacted at: help@SuccessBlossoms.com

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