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To Raise the Minimum Wage…or Not? (VIDEO)

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The great debate in America these days is focused on whether the minimum wage should be raised from $7.25 an hour to a federal minimum wage of $10.10 an hour.  As an entrepreneur, I’m torn.  I know raising the minimum wage is morally the right thing to do.  But as an entrepreneur, I also know the added struggle raising the minimum wage will put on my business.

Those who do not know what it is like to work 50 hours a week and still barely put food on the table and a roof over ones head, will never … I say NEVER, understand the concept of the “working poor”.  They find it much easier to proclaim the “working poor” as unmotivated lazy individuals who need to educate themselves better to pull themselves out of that situation.  However, with the infrastructure of our society, that is often times easier said than done.  And America as a whole, only have themselves to blame.

Everything is a domino effect.  You want to pay people less, so that you can offer a product at a lower cost point; and some of you greedy hungry devils, just want more for your own over consuming pockets.  So you outsource and contract jobs out of America, where you can pay less than the $7.25 that is in question on our own soil, and bring products back into America to sell to those same individuals that you didn’t want to hire, but now you want to buy your product!  And buy your products with what money. . ., because with the overwhelming entrepreneur solution of oversees outsourcing, you certainly haven’t helped circulate any dollars within the U.S. for consumers to now purchase items with.  And you haven’t even cultivated jobs in America at a minimum wage rate.  Not to mention the growth of Technology and its self serve disconnected way of ridding jobs and dealing with customer service.

Now don’t get me wrong, as an entrepreneur I get the whole outsource concept.  Duh, I’m in business with an apparel background.  But it seems that today’s entrepreneurs hand is being pushed more and more to outsource in order to be able to compete.  After all, it is difficult to sell a $100 skirt when your competitor is selling a similar, yet lower quality, skirt for $38.  At first glance, this seems obvious for why it is more difficult, but don’t forget that in America, we are also asking someone to pay more from a bucket of money that isn’t circulated in America.  It’s like budgeting 101, if I need a $1000 but only bring in $700 and I continually do this, what do you think is going to happen. . . , and that’s exactly what America is doing to itself.

This debate is like a smoke and mirrors act, that keeps us all from actually solving the real issue that has caused it.  Smoke and mirrors for some, and denial for others who find the real issue too overwhelming to actual solve.  Bottom line, the minimum wage is not a debate that should stand on its own, cause it is a domino effect of a deflating economy. That’s why there’s a debate in the first place, because the entrepreneur knows that paying a hire salary, means raising their prices and expecting the already hurting American to dig more into their ever depleting pocket of uncirculated American dollars. And the American consumer is to blame as well.

In their downfall of not demanding more American made products, they have really stolen from themselves.  As a consumer, we get so desperate for a deal, that we throw the American kumbaya we can-do this together mentality right out the window and become an every man for himself society.  We’ve got more loyalty for our professional sports teams, than we do for our own American livelihood.  We all need to get our over consuming head out of our asses and get to the real issues at hand.  I’m betting that that would not only solve the minimum wage issue, but a lot of other issues as well. #sorryNotSorry

Signed, – Common Sense, not so common.

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