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Are you a Weekend Entrepreneur?

Are you a Weekend Entrepreneur

It’s Saturday morning and when most people are sleeping in or setting out to spend time out with family and friends, I find myself once again up at my computer working.  I remember recently being at a friends home for a birthday party thinking, ” I wish I was at home working.  I’m wasting so much time.  I could be getting so much done right now!”  And that prompted me to think, “Am I a workaholic?”

Since then I’ve realized that I’m not a workaholic, I just really enjoy what I do.  One because it allows me to set my own working hours and two, because it’s creative.  And third, who doesn’t like to make money!

I read an old article this morning from Entrepreneur.com called:  The Weekend Entrepreneur.  I thought that you would also find it an interesting read so I’m sharing it with you.  The article includes tips for a part-time entrepreneur and the most interesting fact to take away from the article is the realization and motivation that success can happen even if you only begin as a “Weekend Entrepreneur”.

Here’s a highlight from the Entrepreneur.com article, “The Weekend Entrepreneur”:

This stay-at-home mom used a $5,000 loan, a computer and a refurbished fax machine to launch her part-time business. Right away, the response from homeowners was tremendous, and after three months in business, she repaid her loan. Her gross earnings in the first year were almost $30,000.

Read the full article now . . .

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